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Aircraft Photos of RAF Flypast during 90th anniversary celebrations at RAF Fairford

Royal Air Force Flypast during 90th anniversary celebrations at RAF Fairford

Avro Lancaster, BAE HS125, Chinook, Globemaster, Griffin, Harrier, Hawk, Hercules, Hurricane, KingAir, Merlin, Nimrod, Puma, Sea King, Sentinel R1, Sentry, Slingsby, Spitfire, Squirrel, Tornado, Tristar, Tucano, Tutor, Typhoon, VC-10
RAF Fairford (FFD/EGVA), United Kingdom
11 July 2008

Royal Air Force (RAF) - Celebrating 90 Years On 11 July 2008 Royal Air Force aircraft flew in formation over RAF Fairford as HM Queen Elizabeth II presented new Colours to the Royal Air Force and the RAF Regiment as part of the 90th anniversary celebrations of formation of the RAF in 1918. The aircraft formations, together, involve a total of 90 aircraft, one for every year of the RAF’s existence to date. The total length of the formations was 35 miles.

The only formation bigger than this was the flypast marking the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, in 1990, when 168 aircraft flew over Buckingham Palace.

Click here for more information of the flying formats. (Source: RAF)

Merlin, Puma


Sea King

Griffin, Squirrel

Slingsby, Tutor

BBMF: Avro Lancaster, Hurricane, Spitfire

Hercules, KingAir



E-3D Sentry, VC-10

Sentinel R1, Hawk

Nimrod, Hawk

Tristar, Hawk

C-17 Globemaster III


Harrier GR.7

Tornado F.3

Tornado GR.4

Red Arrows (Hawk)

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