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Saab Viggen aircraft photos.

Aircraft pictures of Saab AJS-37 Viggen

The Saab Viggen has been phased out in favour of the advanced later generation JAS 39 Gripen with the last front line Viggen retired from the Swedish Air Force in November 2005. A few aircraft were kept flying for electronic warfare training against JAS 39 at Linköping AB. The last Viggen flight took place in June 2007. The Saa AJS-37 Viggen (c/n: 37098) with the code 52-7 has been retained and went through a long period of restoration and maintenance to be airworthy again. This Viggen was built in 1977 and served all its active duty in F 15 Wing at Söderhamn. It was transferred into civil registry with the registration number SE-DXN. It undertook its maiden flight after been approved by the authorities on 27 March 2012 from the F 7 Wing at Såtenäs. The Viggen will be unpainted to represent the first delivered Viggens as they looked in the early 1970s.

Saab AJS-37 Viggen
Volkel AB (UDE/EHVK) · Netherlands
14 - 15 June 2013

Saab AJS-37 Viggen (SE-DXN / 52-7), c/n: 37098, Swedish Air Force Historic Flight (SwAFHF), Skaraborg Air Force Wing (F 7 Såtenäs), Såtenäs AB, Sweden

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Created: 4-Nov-2013

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